Photos from 2010

VP Elizabeth O'Leary, VP Dr. Rosalie Sward, new patroness initiate Tammy Schulz and President Barbara Simon - Dec 2010.

Elizabeth O'Leary, new affiliate Amber Miller and Barbara Simon. Oct. 18, 2010.

Standing are: Carol Reckmeyer, Fern Armstrong, Mary Phillips, Mary Kuchenmeister, Mary Lucas. Seated are Marilyn Cade, Dr. Rosalie Sward and Betty Leeson. They are all 50 years plus members at the June, 2010 Salad Luncheon.

May 2010 meeting.

New affiliates Mary Jo Armstrong and Lili Latkowski with president Barbara Simon, May 2010.

The flute quintet with Cheryl Hochstetler, Barbara Simon, Amber Miller, Anthea Halsey and Betty Leeson - Dec 2010.

Province Day at NIU, April 17, 2010.

Marilyn Cade performing at the Province Day musicale - April 2010.

Province Day attendees - April 2010.

Marty Franz, Valeria Blair, and Judy Emerson at the Rosecranz Program - Feb 2010.

Barbara Simon and Province Officer Betty Lopez - Jan 2010.

Shirley Angel, Cheryl Hochstetler, and Betty Leeson - Jan 2010.

Barbara Simon with new affiliate Erica Kessler - Jan 2010.